Customer Care Policy

In a world with so many options to choose from when looking for service provision, the level of care and attention is paramount when engaging and handling customer queries and complaints. We understand this and we are committed to providing a level of care and attention to our customers` needs that leaves a positive lasting impression regardless of whether these be long term or short term engagements. Quality and efficiency are our top priorities when delivering all our services to our valued clients and our well trained staff members are available to assist with any queries you may have.

Service Level Agreements

To ensure the best level of care, we structure different SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with our customers, taking into consideration their unique needs and services being rendered. For any clarification refer to your specific SLA for your organisation. As a gerneral rule we strive to ensure that all queries are resolved as promptly as possible upon being raised and depending on level of complexity and service being rendered we take care to communicate to our customers the resolution times.

Customer Commitment

Your feedback is important to us, it helps us improve where we fall short and maintain where we exceed expectation. Upon receiving you quieries, we aim to ensure that issues raised are resolved within 3 business days from the moment an issue is raised. All issues raised are logged in our internal complaints system and assigned to relevant service points to ensure resolution as promptly as possible.

To ensure we are reachable, we are constantly adding new channels to engage with our valued clients. You can get in touch via :