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Node Alert

Our proprietary network monitoring system allows enterprises to monitor uptime of their networking devices from server nodes, routers to even edge APIs. Get notifications whenever something goes wrong on a node that you`re monitoring. Be proactive in your response to issues, don`t wait to find out issues through customer complaints. Jump ahead of the curb with Node Alert

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Tradata is a web and mobile application that streamlines, optimizes and drives cost savings for the procurement function of financial services companies and SMME's. Our solution uses process automation, real time insights and data analytics to deliver on the unique requirements of our target market at a lower cost than our competitors.

On Tradata our clients are able to monitor and manage actual spend versus budget allocation in real-time. Secondly our client’s procurement processes become paperless, seamless and compliant with their policies and procedures. Thirdly we envisage our solution aggregating the data and correlating it based on our client’s business models. By applying our technology on their data, Tradata will prompt real-time responses and recommendations where for example; stock usage patterns or purchases are not efficient and optimal for the organization. Ultimately our clients can realise cost savings of up to 30% on our solution at a lower cost than similar solutions in the market.

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BizEngage is a web application that streamlines, optimizes and enforces service quality provisions and controls for hotels. The solution sets, enforces and monitors guest-to-hotel service charters and inter-departmental Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) insuring that all issues raised are addressed at the root-level for continuous service quality improvement.

On BizEngage the quality management function of a hotel is enhanced so the relationships and the interdependences between a hotels Maintenance, House Keeping, IT Support and Guest Relations functions communications, issues and resolutions management are synchronized. Communications between the departments are enhanced, liberalized and channelled to the respective champions with maker and checker processes to ensure the quality standards have been adhered to. The system empowers the relevant stakeholders with information for data based decision making and quality driven autonomy in the hotels operations.

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SMB Solutions

Tradata Cloud

Tradata cloud is our Procurement cloud solution tailormade to deliver the best experience for our clients. It supports most the features available in our enterprise solution with addition of supplier portal which is designed to allow suppliers to login and bid for ongoing quotation requests from our cloud and enterprise clients. The pay as you go model makes this an attractive option for SMEs as they simply pay for what they use and when they use the service.

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