Join Our ABP OMNI Referral Promotion and Win a Laptop: Get the Word Out and Win!

Join Our ABP OMNI Referral Promotion and Win a Laptop: Get the Word Out and Win!

Hey there, creatives, business professionals and tech enthusiasts, and all-around internet-savvy people! We have some exciting news to share. We're thrilled to introduce our ABSP OMNI Referral Promotion running for the months of August and September 2023, where you have the chance to win a shiny brand-new business laptop just by simply getting the word out about our amazing website promotion. Are you Ready to get started?


How It Works: Its Simple 3R’s [Register, Refer & Rewards]


Participating in our referral program is simple and rewarding. All you need to do is follow these three easy steps:

1. Register: Head over to our website at and register for our referral promotion. It's free and takes just a few minutes. Once you're in, you'll receive a unique referral code and link.


2. Refer by spreading the love: Start getting the word out about our website promotion using your unique referral code. Share it with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours or anyone interested in our products or services. You can share it via email, social media, or even through good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations. The more people you reach, the better your chances of winning that awesome laptop!

Bring in the customers: As your friends, family, or followers reference your unique code when purchasing, they'll be counted as your referrals. Close as many deals as possible – and once you have accumulated 30 points, you win.


3. The Rewards: On reaching the golden number of 30 accumulated points, you are entitled to the grand prize – a brand new, straight out the box laptop. It is a sleek, powerful machine packed with features and a prize worth bragging about. The best part, you could win it, simply by encouraging others to check out our website promotion and to make a purchase. But hold on, that's not all! We understand that not everyone can bring in five referrals, so we've got you covered too. You'll receive a special discount code for every referral you bring, unlocking exclusive savings on your next purchase from our website. It's a win-win situation!

So, what are you waiting for? Join our referral program today and take up the exciting opportunity to win a fabulous laptop. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone who loves gadgets, this prize is too good to miss out on. Help us spread the word about our amazing website promotion and connect more people with our awesome products and services. Remember, sharing is caring, and in this case, also rewarding!


Sign up now, start getting the word out, and who knows? You might just be the lucky winner of that coveted laptop. Good luck and happy referring!


P.S. Don't forget to check out these links: for more details on the referral program. Terms and conditions apply.

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