Web Design Trends & Analysis Predictions for 2022

Web Design Trends & Analysis Predictions for 2022

Websites are increasingly becoming a strategic digital avenue to promote a business's brand image and platform to attract, engage, convert and service its customers. There are approximately 1.18 billion websites available on the internet and that number is growing by a rate of more than 250000 a day according to Siteefy.com 2021. These glaring statistics make light of the fact that SEO content and images alone can’t make your website stand out in 2022. Businesses need to be more creative, innovative and deliberate in their approaches when it comes to their websites design, functionality, integration with social media and other 3rd party applications. Driving customer engagement and raising search engine ratings need planning, design, development, implementation and support of a high-tech website.


One-page websites

One of our predictions for 2022 is that the trend for one-page websites will continue to grow. Reason being that it is better to hold minimalism when there’s a small subject matter or when you offer a single service. This website is best suited for customers such as content creators, authors, individuals (models, gurus etc.) who want concise content on their websites without any distractions from navigation. A minimal web design works great as it contains clear information on a web page.


This trend will also see the rise in the use of Split content in websites that are content-centric ie. blogs or publications, pictures and gallery related .



To enhance the online customer experience, visuals play a crucial role. According to online customers, approximately 62% believe that they can shop better online with the help of visuals. In 2022, the web designers will need to modify fonts using bold color palettes, provoking typography styles, strong shapes, etc. for improving the efficiency and conveyance of one's brand, product and or service on the website. Crowded design is a common mistake in website design as per 87% of web developers and designers.

The auto moving navigation system

In 2022, we predict auto navigation, prompts, notifications and alerts on websites to direct users to the core messages being pushed. This trend will push web designers to make auto-moving navigation systems in the front and backend to improve the experience of customers using graphics such as parallax effects, third dimension breakthrough, and psychedelic imagery for instance.

Animated cursors

We also envisage web designers using new and innovative cursors to compliment and drive a website's branding and communication goals. Expect experimentation with shapes, logos, tags and interesting color of cursors used to augment the views and theme of the website.

Homemade graphics

We are also predicting a shift towards using locally generated content from a company's social media activities, events and photography to deliver an intimate, home-based, localized feel on their websites. Handmade graphic designs will provide a unique look to websites in 2022 that will add an imperial artwork and be made possible using digitized freehand design with the help of high-powered scanners and Apple pencil.


In 2022, expect to see gradients 2.0 as a prominent part of your website. Gradient designs will be manipulated more by web designers using the minimalist interface and motion design for attracting your attraction to vital sections and navigation aids. Widgets, gradient buttons, and headers will become trendier.


Social media integration

Website design has an important element called social media integration which helps you interact with customers. Social media buttons will be embedded in the blogs header and important areas of your website.


We at African Business Solutions Providers (ABSP) are making these bold predictions and ready to deliver unique website experiences to our clients. We are trailblazing and setting the stage for what websites will look like today and in the future. Contact us for unique and eye-catching websites that will drive your branding and communication goals. Our approach is modern, captivating and we deliver future proof, best in breed websites in terms of design and functionality. Get in touch with us by email on info@absp.online or visit our website is www.absp.online and sign up.


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